The Vanity of Religion – The Value of Genuine Faith

religion or true faithThere are many religions today. Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc; not to mention all the different sects that stem from these religions! In Christianity alone there are hundreds of different congregations, groups and sects! Yet, all of them have something in common. They all claim to possess the “truth.” Though they may differ in many things, they all claim to have the correct “truth.” If you are a Christian you might say “I have the truth.” If you are Islamist you might protest and say “nay but I have the real truth!” Now brethren, how do you measure truth? By what standard? Surely there can be only one true “truth”? More importantly, for there to be truth, there must also be Someone who gave that truth, who laid it’s foundation and determined right from wrong! There must be a Source of real truth! Continue reading “The Vanity of Religion – The Value of Genuine Faith”


Water in Wyn verander?


Ons almal het dit al gelees,en baie daaroor gewonder.Ek self het nogal baie daaroor gedink.Vir my het dit nogal sin gemaak om dit soos volg te verstaan.Kom ons lees eers die stukkie.

Joh 2:6  En daar het volgens die reinigingsgebruike van die Jode ses klipkanne gestaan, wat elkeen twee of drie ankers hou.
Joh 2:7  Y’shua sê vir hulle: Maak die kanne vol water. En hulle het hul tot bo toe volgemaak.
Joh 2:8  En Hy sê aan hulle: Skep nou uit en bring dit vir die hoofdienaar. En hulle het dit gebring.
Joh 2:9  En toe die hoofdienaar die water proe wat wyn geword het—en hy het nie geweet waarvandaan dit was nie, maar die dienaars wat die water geskep het, het geweet—roep die hoofdienaar die bruidegom
Joh 2:10  en sê vir hom: Elke mens sit eers die goeie wyn op en, wanneer hulle goed gedrink het, dan die slegste; maar u het die goeie wyn tot nou toe bewaar.

..Hier kan ons sien hoe Yeshua die water in wyn verander het…Die ses klipkanne was daar vir n  reinigings doel.Dit is die tradisies wat hulle van hul vaders gekry het.Dit was daar vir die was van hande en seremoniële wette. Wat gebeur nou? Hierdie kanne word vol gemaak en verander in goeie wyn.Die wyn was so goed,hulle was spyt hulle kon dit nie eerste bedien het nie…Wat ons hier sien is hoe Yeshua die gebruike wat hul van hul vaders gerwe het – vol maak.Dit wat net die hande kon was en buite reinig, is vervang met dit wat binne die ligaam ingaan.Dit wat binne reinig.Yeshua het dit wat in die sienlike reinig,vervang met dit wat in die ligaam reinig,die onsienlike.Hy het die tradiesies gebreek met die wyn,wat Sy bloed simboliseer.Ons losgemaak van die tydelike/tradisies in die sienlike….Met Sy bloed/wyn het Hy vir ons gegee…ewige lewe/onsienlike asook vergifnis van ons sondes….In die sienlike kan ons maar tevergeefs ons hande was…Die sonde bly…..Maar deur Yeshua in die onsienlike het Sy bloed/wyn ons skoon gewas van alle sonde.



Avinu ons dank U vir die Lewende Woord / Yeshua.Mag U lig in ons brand nie om ons te verlig nie maar om ons pad te verlig…Mag U geseënd wees met die liefde van Yeshua.Amein.

Shalom Yisra’el.


The Return of Yahushua our Savior part 3

PDVD_080.jpgBut who will come first? – Who will the world see first? – Yahushua or the son of perdition/ man of sin.

In the fullness of time, or to use a better term; at the appointed time, our God presented Yahushua to the world through John the Baptist. So too will He present Him again to the world at the appointed time to claim His bride. There is no knowing exactly when this will happen but one thing is sure; the man of sin/ son of perdition, will show himself first, and perhaps, a lot sooner then we have all been taught. Read 2 Thessalonians 2: from verse 1. Again the Thessalonians are freaking out about when the coming of Yahushua will be. Their question was: “When will be the coming of our Lord and our gathering together to Him. Do you see, in the sentence, the harpazo in the words “our gathering to Him. Their question was, in fact, “When will Yahushua return and when will the rapture be”. Continue reading “The Return of Yahushua our Savior part 3”

The Ten Strokes Of Elohim – A Closer Look At The Plagues Upon Egypt. Part 1


 ‘And I shall pass through the land of Mitsrayim on that night, and shall smite all the first-born in the land of Mitsrayim, both man and beast. And on all the mighty ones (the gods) of Mitsrayim I shall execute judgment. I am יהוה.
(Exod 12:12, TS98 brackets mine)

This is the first article in a series of three dealing with the ten plagues upon Egypt.  Most of us have heard of the ten plagues in Sunday school or from a pastor or church, but have you ever felt that there just HAS to be MORE TO IT than what we’ve been taught? For example, why ten plagues and not nine or seven? Why did Elohim harden pharaoh’s heart, isn’t that unfair? Were the magi of pharaoh really able to do the same signs performed by Moses and Aaron? These are questions that linger in the minds of many people today and probably the biggest one is this: How does it apply to my life today, and what are we to do about it? In this article I hope to bring a fresh perspective on the ten plagues brought upon Egypt. Before we can get to the narrative in the Book of Exodus, it is necessary for us to set the ‘stage’ so to speak.

Placing it in context.

In the garden of Eden YHWH had put the man and woman He had made and gave them instruction to be fruitful, multiply and also to guard and keep the garden. Fellowship and relationship was good between YHWH and man whom He created, there was no shame, and no sin, yet……… Continue reading “The Ten Strokes Of Elohim – A Closer Look At The Plagues Upon Egypt. Part 1”

The Return of Yahushua our Savior Part 2


This is part 2 on the coming of Yahushua.

As I have already shown I beg to differ from them.

Does Matthew (24 : 29 – 31) not state very clearly that, “Immediately after the tribulation of those days, darkness will be on the earth,…. then the sign of the son of man shall appear in the heavens, and the tribes of the earth shall see the son of man coming in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory. He shall send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together (harpazo) His elect (bride) from the four winds – from one end of heaven to the other”.

The word, “then” (the sign of the son of man) indicates continuation. Immediately after the tribulation there will be darkness all over the earth for a while, and then suddenly, shekinah light all over the earth and the appearance of our savior to gather together His bride. Continue reading “The Return of Yahushua our Savior Part 2”

The return of Yahushua our Savior

5732613373_6d5f6f31c3_bWritten by Norman Mc Dermid


What comes to mind when you think of the return of Yahushua? More often than not, people say “the rapture of the bride of course”. Yeah!

Although the majority of Christians all over the world wait with expectation for this occasion, I have reason to believe that the more important occasion is the day that He establishes His reign and ruler ship on earth, because that is when there will be absolute peace on earth. Every human being on earth has a desire to live in peace and be free. It is only Yahushua who can bring order out of this chaos. All of humanity has unconsciously been waiting thousands of years for Him to take control of the earth because the one who has had control has messed up badly. We have been programmed for this very occasion, where there will be peace in the garden once again. The rapture, or to use the Greek word harpazo, is the initial sign of our King’s rule and reign on earth.  Continue reading “The return of Yahushua our Savior”

End -Time Prophecy Final Part


The Voice from the Bush1

  57 I went for a walk in the field, worshipping and praising God Most High for the miracles he performs in his own good time. 58For he controls the ages and what happens in them. I remained there for three days.

14 On the third day, while I was sitting under an oak-tree, 8 sud­denly a voice came out of a bush near me and called, “Ezra! Ezra!” I stood up and answered, “Here I am, Lord.” 3 The voice continued, “I revealed myself from a bush and spoke to Moses when my people were slaves in Egypt. 4I sent him to lead them out of Egypt, and I brought them to Mount Sinai. I kept Moses with me there on the mountain for a long time, 5 while I told him the secrets about the ages and the end of time. I told him 6what to make public and what to keep secret. ‘Now I command you sto memorize the signs, visions, and interpretations that I have given you. 9 You will be taken out of this world into the heavenly world where you and others like you will live with my son until the end of time. 10The world is no longer young; it is rapidly approaching old age. 1‘ The whole history of the world is divided into twelve periods, and the tenth period has already arrived 12and it is half over; only two and a half parts remain. 13So set your house in order, warn your people, comfort those who are humble, and teach those who are wise.w Then say good-bye to this mortal life. 14Put earthly cares away from you, throw down your human burdens, and lay aside your weak human nature. 15Put all your anxieties aside, and get ready to leave this world quickly.16You have seen many evil things already, but far worse things are about to happen.17As the world grows older and weaker, the evils that will come upon its people will  multiply.   18 Truth  will  depart  and falsehood will draw ever nearer. The eagle you saw in your vision is just about to arrive.” Continue reading “End -Time Prophecy Final Part”