Simchat Torah

Brethren, yesterday was simchat Torah (rejoicing in the Torah).
It is a time that we thank Elohim for giving us His good instruction and revealing Himself to us through His Word! Many a man have set out to disprove the Scriptures, and time after time they have to leave ashamed because Elohim’s Word is 100% true and you can trust Him with your life. True, men have over the centuries tried to corrupt His Word and change what He has said, BUT even this was foretold in Scripture!! Elohim will lead those who are His and who listens to His voice. They need not fear or doubt for Elohim is their Shepherd.
Brethren as we approach the renewed Torah cycle, let us rejoice in His Word. Find your comfort there amidst a world full of lies and deception.For His Word drives out darkness by the Light that it brings! Rejoice and be glad for our Shepherd watches over us!

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