Our enemies in Warfare Part 2 – The Spirit of Rejection.


Shalom this is part two in a series of posts on our enemies in warfare. Last time we discussed how spirits can affect our lives and we dealt with the spirit of pride. This week we are going to look at the spirit of rejection. This is a deceptive and misleading spirit and many of us won’t even recognize its effects on us until we really stop and search our hearts before Elohiem. So let’s jump right in.

I’m almost certain most, if not all, of us have experienced rejection at some time. I certainly did when I was in high school! I never fitted the mould of the ‘popular’ kids or the rich kids. I could count my friends on my fingers, literally. Truth be told, rejection is a everyday-life thing. We get rejected in relationships, in our jobs, social life etc. etc. But we need to discern between rejection for Messiah’s sake and the spirit of rejection trying to pull us down, and make us wallow in the mud of self pity.

Messiah said the following: “But before all this, they will arrest you and persecute you, handing you over to the synagogues and prisons; and you will be brought before kings and governors. This will all be on account of me, but it will prove an opportunity for you to bear witness. So make up your minds not to worry, rehearsing your defense beforehand; for I myself will give you an eloquence and a wisdom that no adversary will be able to resist or refute. You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers, relatives and friends; some of you they will have put to death; and everyone will hate you because of me. But not a hair of your head will be lost. By standing firm you will save your lives.” (Luke 21:12-19 CJB)

If we truly follow Yeshua, then we will be hated, rejected and persecuted. A servant is not greater than his Master; if they persecuted Him they will do the same with us. But Yeshua promises that He is there with us through it all. He will give us the words we should speak in that moment. This rejection is because we follow Messiah and they rejected Him; It is NOT the same as the spirit of rejection. So just how exactly does this spirit of rejection operate? I’m glad you asked, lets delve into this subject.

Rejection is like a parasite, it needs something (in our case someone) to feed off, to support it. Parents who were rejected by their parents will in turn usually reject their children too. The effect it has on a child is immense. In most cases it causes them to become almost retarded, slow learners, negative and unloving. A child needs, craves his parent’s approval and support. But what they want and need most is their parent’s love! This spirit is in the frontlines of causing divorce and sowing rebellion. A child is very sensitive in his/her emotions at a young age. When rejection sets in they become emotionally unstable and harbour anger, frustration, hatred and even suicidal thoughts. They need to be set free by Elohiem so they don’t grow into problem children.

This spirit can even affect our health. People burdened by this spirit usually suffer from sickness and disease. Parents can carry over this spirit to their children. Parents need to make sure they are set free from rejection so that they can teach their children also.

Last time we discussed how that when we do certain things we open ourselves up to these spirits; we will see a clear example here with this spirit. After an abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth this spirit is ready to strike, ready to feed off of the hurt and pain that person has. A spirit of Molech (death) still continues to destroy life through abortion. Parents should deal with these issues in them and their children’s lives BEFORE it becomes a stronghold. These strongholds are characterized by lies, deception, stealing, rebellion, temper, nervousness, depression, infirmities, suicidal tendencies, fear, addictions (to food, drugs etc.), excessive physical exercise and a pursuit to always be above others no matter what. Children need a listening ear, effective conversation, and wise advice, quality time, taught about love, fairness and security. Prayer changes the mind, heart and relationships.

How the spirit of rejection can enter your life.

  1. Through unwanted conception – The parents didn’t want the child; usually they say it was a “mistake”. But brethren we know God does not make mistakes!
  2. Contemplating or near abortion.
  3. Born with defects – people who are born with defects tend to think they are worthless, rejection feeds off of this.
  4. Comparison to another child in the family.
  5. Adoption.
  6. Abandonment.
  7. Death in family.
  8. Divorce in family
  9. Peer pressure at school.
  10. Abuse – in any form.
  11. Parent with mental illness (feel unwanted)
  12. Turmoil in home – this is a big one, usually when mom and dad fights the child looks and he learns when he sees his parents doing something. This has a really big influence on children.
  13. Unfaithfulness in marriage.
  14. Through the guilt of sin – how many times does this not happen. We confessed our sin but still feel so guilty about it, this is the enemy condemning us.
{14} fear of rejection

This spirit is crafty and very deceptive and will go by unnoticed if one is not paying attention to the symptoms and signs. Let’s look at the results of this spirit, what it wants to achieve in your life:

The fruit of rejection

  1. Rebellion
  2. Bitterness
  3. Inferiority
  4. Loneliness
  5. Escapism – daydreaming, drugs, television, work, food, sport, anything that will distract them from the reality.
  6. Fears of all kinds
  7. Hardness of heart
  8. Disrespect
  9. Jealousy
  10. Perversion – homosexual, sexual sins
  11. Frustration
  12. Addictions
  13. Anger
  14. Guilt
  15. Poor self-image
  16. Anxiety
  17. Defensive
  18. Distrust
  19. Competition
  20. Perfectionism

If you maybe see any of these signs in your life or the life of your children; then it is time for you to sit at Father’s Feet and ask Him to show you where the problem is. He is your Rock and Deliverance, not a pastor or priest or rabbi. You can cast all your care upon Him for He cares for you. These things won’t go away by themselves and parents really need to watch their children and teach them the ways of Father so that this spirit has no grip on him/her.

I hope you found this useful and we encourage any comments about your thoughts on this.

Till next time, Shalom.


8 thoughts on “Our enemies in Warfare Part 2 – The Spirit of Rejection.

  1. Yolande Maritz


    This is so true about rejection, the impact is emence
    True about sickness and desease too! My story
    Is quite a long one so I’m not gonna pin it down
    here! But I trust Avinu will quide and deliver me!
    Keep up the good work!
    Kind regards

  2. Shalom Yolande!
    Thank you for the encouraging word it is much appreciated. Yes, rejection is a problem in many peoples lives, mostly, i’d say in young people because they grow up with this rejection and it becomes a stronghold (it gets a firm grip) in their lives from an early age. But we know for certain that Father is with you if you seek Him with all your heart. He is faithful and will deliver us from these things. We need only trust and obey!
    Keep faith and Covenant with Father and may He bless you abundantly.


    ** If you want us to pray with you we would be honoured, and if you have a testimony we’d love to hear. You can also send us an e-mail on rootedinmessiah@hotmail.co.za.

  3. Anonymous

    thank you for your advice am struggling with the same issues i have faced so much rejection it from my pastor and a boyfreind and its a big pain in my life but i belive God will deliver me.

    1. Shalom friend in Messiah!
      Thank you for your comment. In today’s time it is almost unthinkable if someone has not experienced rejection at some point in their life. People who hurt inside tend to want to hurt other people as well, its the effect of emotional wounds. I think we really need to turn to the Father in earnest prayer and trust Him to show us how to deal with rejection and all the stuff that happens in our lives. God is faithful, He will show you. Never ever compare yourself to other people, you are created as an unique individual. constantly comparing ourselves to others can be devastating. When you feel rejected, pray at that moment to the Father, ask Him to help you overcome, I tell you there is no comfort as good as God’s. Allow Him to comfort you. Even though some people may not like me, I know God loves me and I love Him, and in the end that’s what really matters…….your relationship with the Father.
      May our Father bless you and help you overcome in all things as He intended for His children.

      Blessings in Messiah

  4. Kris McS

    This was very informative, however I was just wondering what your denomination is because you always say messiah and never Jesus. Which I know Jesus is the messiah but many religions use different names and go around giving Jesus the glory of being our one and only Lord and Savior.

    1. Hi there!
      im glad the post was of benefit to you.
      im not in a specific denomination. just as the apostles belonged to the Body of Yeshua (Jesus) our Messiah so too do all believers! I do however feel , just like you, that there is only one way and not all religions lead to the truth of God. He gave us His Word, the Bible, and thats what we follow! I am simply a follower of Yeshua and i believe in the God of Abraham , Isaac and Yakob! hope this helps! Shalom and blessing to you.

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