Healthy Recipes

Eating healthy is very important in Scripture. We need to look after our tent (our body). Elohiem created everything our body needs so we need only to turn to Scripture to see what was declared to be food.

Eating healthy doesn’t always have to be ‘boring’ or foods that we don’t like that much. We aim to put up some recipes that are delicious AND healthy! Just click on the link to download the recipe and select save to computer.

Homemade chicken stock – A delicious chicken stock that is not hard at all to make.
2 Yummy potato bake – A mouth watering potato bake. This is a winner.
3 Brown lentil patties – For those of us who like burgers but want the healthy option
4 Cottage pie with sweet potatoes – Something sweet but tasty.
5 Rand Saving Rosemary Chicken – Delicious chicken breast recipe that is guaranteed to save you a few bucks.

**Note: Recipes are taken from “cooking from the heart” recipe book that can be downloaded freely.


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