B’reisheet – Genesis

Welcome to the first Book of Torah called in the Hebrew tongue: B’reisheet (Genesis in English).

Genesis is all about foundations beloved, Who made all that is made? Where did man come from? Where did sin and evil come from? All these are answered in the Book of Genesis and much more is covered in it. So join us as we study the First Book of Torah: B’reisheet – “in the Beginning”. May Father give us eyes to see and ears to hear as we study His Scripture.

Download the Torah study cycle with readings HERE

1 B’reisheet 2012 – 2013 – The first study of Genesis.

**Note: All studies will be available for download as soon as we are able. Please check back regularly. Father Bless.


4 thoughts on “B’reisheet – Genesis

  1. Patricia Carson

    I like you Torah study of The first book of the Torah B’reisheet. Can you tell me when the next portion of it will be on line Please? Patricia Carson

    1. Shalom Patricia!
      So nice to hear from you. I am so happy that you have been blessed by the first study of the Torah, all praise and honour to Abba. I will post the second study of the Torah before the end of this week. Just need to finish the last section.
      Thank you for your encouraging comment, may Abba bless you richly and may you cling to Him always.
      Blessings in Messiah

  2. Patricia Carson

    Shalom I am looking forward to the next section Please let me know when it will come out. Thank you so much this has been a blessing so far. Patricia Carson

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